Places of Interest


Devidhura Is  Famous for Varahi Temple. It’s a Culture Heritage Of Bagwal and Commonly Practiced On The Day Of  Raksha Bandhan. The Famous Writer Jim Corbett’s Book ‘Temple Tiger’ Is Associated With Devidhura Temples. 

Nagnath Temple

Nagnath Temple is Famous Place For Worship to Lord Shiva, It’s One Of The Finest Example Of  Kumaon Architecture.

Ek Hathiya Naula

Ek Hathiya Naula is One of the Showcase  Master Craft, Which Is Formed By One Artisan. It Is Just 5 Km Away From Champawat.

Baleshwar Temple

Baleshwar Temple is Worshipping Of  Lord Shiva. It Is One Of The Famous Works Of  Chand Rulers.  It Might Be Built In Between 10 – 12 Century A.D.

Kranteshwar Mahadev 

Kranteshwar Mahadev Is One Of The Holiest Place  Located In The East Region Of Champawat, It Is Also Called Kurmapad Or Kandev.

Meetha Reetha Saheb

Meetha Reetha Saheb Is One Of  The Important Worship Places For The Sikh Community Which Is Approximately Located Around 72 Km From Champawat. It Is Also Believes That Guru Nanak Came Here Once Back And Evolved In The Discussion With Gorakhpanthi Jogis Guru And His Followers Arrived At The Convergence Of Lodhiya And Ratiya Rivers, Near Deyuri Village.


Lohaghat Town Is Located 14 Km Away From  Champawat. The Area Is Blessed With Beautiful River Lohawati And Skyscraper Mountains.

Purnagiri Temple

Purnagiri Temple Is Located 92 Kilometer Away From Champawat and Beautiful Sunrise That Arising From Poornagiri Hills.  The Festival Season In Purnagiri Temple Is Majorly Starts In The Month Of March-April Navratri Season. The Temple Area Is Surrounded By The River Kali, Its Islands, Township Of Tanakpur And Various Migrants Villages.

Mayawati Ashram

Mayawati Ashram Is 9 Km Far From Champawat. The Ashram Has Peaceful Atmosphere Which Attracts Numerous Spiritualists  From All Over The World. During The Visit Of Swami Vivekanand In Mayawati In 1901, He Decided To Shift His Publication Office “’Prabuddh Bharat’” From Madras To Mayavati Ashram.

Abbot Mount

Abbot Mount Is One Among The Best Himalayan Peaks Which Gives You Charming Experience.


Vanasur-Ka-Kila  Is Approximately 17 Km Away From Champawat, Which Is Built In The Medieval Times. The Assassination Of Great Emperor Banasur (Vanasur) Was Held Over Here.


Pancheshwar Is 40 Kilometer Far From Champawat. It Is A Joining Point Of Two Rivers Kali And Saryu. The Site Which Is Exactly Near To Nepal Border,  and It Is Well Famous For Shiva Temple, Here Chaumu Is Worshipped As Shield Of Animals.


Shymalatal Is Famous For Swami Vivekanand Ashram, Which Is Located On The Banks Of Beautiful Shyamlatal Lake. It Is Approximately 56 Kilometer Away From Champawat.