Scheduled Tribes Certificate

Scheduled tribes as defined by law

Scheduled Tribes are found in various states and Union Territories of India. In the first period of independence, all the tribes under the Constitution were grouped as “Scheduled Tribes”. The criteria adopted for specifying as Scheduled Tribes include the following:

  1. Traditionally reside in the definitive geographical area.
  2.  Specific culture which includes all aspects of tribal life i.e. language, customs, tradition, religion and religion, arts and crafts etc.
  3. Primitive features that reflect business methods, economy etc.
  4. Lack of educational and technological economic development State specific / Union Territory Special specification of Scheduled Tribes was done with the concerned State Government. These orders can be converted into matter, it is done by an Act of Parliament. According to Article 342 of the Constitution of India, after consultation with the concerned State Government, so far 9 orders have been made in the President, in which the Scheduled Castes have been specified in relation to respective State and Union Territories.

What is a tribe certificate and why is it necessary?

According to the specification mentioned in the Indian Constitution, tribal certificate is proof of being a Scheduled Tribe of anyone. The government realized that for the progress of equal citizens like the rest of the citizens, the Scheduled Tribes need special incentives and opportunities. As a result, part of the Indian system of defensive discrimination has been guaranteed the special benefits of the citizens of this category, as the reservation of seats in the legislature and in government service, some part of the fee for admission to schools and colleges Exemption in the upper age limit for applying for exemptions, quota in educational institutions, for some jobs etc. To be able to take these benefits, a scheduled tribe citizen must have a valid tribe certificate.

How to apply for tribal certificate

People of the tribe listed in the notified orders of the President can apply for obtaining tribal certificate. In some states, the tribal development department provides some online facilities, such as downloading the relevant application form, details of tribal welfare scheme etc., to their website.



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